Liz Marcus

Brussels, Belgium, 2017

Maruani Mercier suggested a unique collaboration between Gert Voorjans and the American artist Liz Markus.

Liz Markus cannot predict how her work will ultimately look. Using acrylic on unprimed canvas, she lets the colours bleed, drip and collide. Then, as the painted surface dries, the image starts to spread. Markus extraordinary skill and experience result in a painting similar to a watercolour, if not for the fact that acrylic leaves no room for mistakes. Her work is full of vibrant colours and references, giving it a pop culture feel. Markus is mostly inspired by strong women, dressed in the latest fashion and posing in beautiful rooms.

Maruani Mercier brought both artists together and gave them free reign over the gallery. With a curated look, Voorjans transformed four rooms, making them seem as if inhabited by a dedicated collector for the past decade. With her wet-on-wet technique, Markus' playfully transferred these spaces on canvas in bright and translucent colours. On commission, she also portrayed several of Voorjans' friends, lounging in their rooms.

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