Exhibition Peter Aerts

Antwerp, 2023

At Gert Voorjans, Peter Aerts presents a new body of work, OCEAN MYTHS, based on his experience living in a deserted village on a tiny Greek island. He explores imagined histories, subconscious myths and mysteries of oceanic archaeology. His sculptures with their sensual, undulating forms appear like fossils from the deep sea floor.

Aerts’ work embodies the physical immediacy and ageold methods of his practice, which is framed within the growing cultural movement towards craft and slowness.

EXPO: Saturdays & Sundays 06.05 'till 04.06 2PM - 6PM

FINISSAGE: Sunday 18.06 from 2PM - 7PM

Photography Marcel Lennartz
Video Hannes Blommaert

Peter Aerts (1988, Antwerp) is a Belgian stoneware and ceramic artist. His work draws on mythic sources and deep-rooted autobiographical experiences. At the core of his practice lies an intense physical engagement with clay: throwing, beating, smudging, smearing and scraping….

His craftsmanship is further elevated by his reverence for ancient firing methods, he subjects his works to a painstaking 120-hour firing process in a Japanese woodkiln*, using traditional firing techniques. The Japanese wood-kiln is a labor-intensive, timeconsuming traditional kiln fueled by wood, typically pine or cedar. It creates unique ash and glaze patterns on ceramic pieces due to the clay’s reaction with the burning wood, resulting in highly sought-after colors and textures prized by ceramic artists and collectors.

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Exhibition Peter Aerts

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