Westminster Flair

In the shadow of Westminster Abbey, a new project is coming about. The project involves transforming a historic townhouse into a modern living space. Injecting a contemporary flair by blending signature colour palettes and eclectic style with the building’s classic features while preserving its architectural heritage.

A Relevant Approach

Rewilding in home living entails integrating natural elements and sustainable practices to create environments that support local biodiversity and promote a deeper connection with the surrounding ecosystem.

Daniel Heer x Gert Voorjans

Daniel Heer & Gert Voorjans in collaboration for Collectible 2024

Dries Van Noten - Galerie Quai Malaquais

The debut of a new retail space devoted to fragrance, beauty and accessories in the heart of Paris' Rive Gauche. An evocative and characterful environment in which to experience the Dries Van Noten world.

Scenography Het Noord Brabants Museum

The Noord Brabants Museum presents fashion photography from the Nicola Erni collection: from haute couture to street fashion, with the exhibition's design by Belgian interior architect Gert Voorjans.**

LL - Stuff As Nonsense

"Linda Loppa and her husband Dirk Van den Eynde, don't believe in exhibiting their possessions. For these Belgian fashion and art supremos, the perfect antidote to busy working lives is a home stripped of all inessentials - an ascetic goal realised in their clutter-free apartment, a converted 1920's office block in central Antwerp."

Gert Voorjans x Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson has collaborated with interior and architectural extraordinaire Gert Voorjans to create an exuberant fabric collection. Sharing Jim Thompson’s penchant for vibrance, colour is a key component of Gert’s designs. His schemes are notoriously unconventional, always innovative and surprising.
Gert Voorjans for Jim Thompson is no exception, aiming to seductively lure interior designers to embrace exciting and daring combinations in their projects. A whole spectrum of colours have been mixed together in order to create inviting rooms that are warm, artistic, livable, and one of a kind.

Selected Projects