Intercontinental Glam

Colonial Villa, Rhode

Should a house have only one personality? Should you attempt to achieve a single overall look in a heterogeneous construction? Gert Voorjans doesn’t think so. The architectural context of this colonial villa on the green periphery of Brussels was the decisive factor in his intervention. Over a period of less than 100 years, the house had become an extended patchwork of extensions, new passageways and annexes. Concepts like ‘authenticity’ or ‘original state’ had become irrelevant. This house had grown to accommodate its previous inhabitants. That growth process had given the residence its heterogeneous character and its new identity. Voorjans respected that in his own way.

The easiest –and safest– scenario would have been a complete tabula rasa, but that’s not how Voorjans read the building. In the patchwork of constructed elements, he saw a clear parallel with the owners: an international family with Belgian and Caribbean roots. This grand écart was the starting point for an exciting mix&match interior filled with daring dichotomies. Mirrors were used to create connections within the home, and luxury was the intercontinental common denominator.

Photography: Tim Van de Velde | Text: Gert Voorjans & Thijs Demeulemeester