Cosmopolitan Maximalism

City flat, Ghent

London, Paris, Shanghai? There are no clues to indicate that this flat is in Ghent’s historic city centre. It feels more as if it is situated in the 16th-century Quartier Latin, where Napoleon once resided during his stay in the Belgian city during the early 19th century. The flat even overlooks the pump where his horses would have been watered. Voorjans was determined to create a cosmopolitan pied-à-terre, a trendy and luxurious residence that would be right at home in any world-class metropolis. The family comes to relax there on the weekend. Sometimes they spend the odd weeknight as well, if the long car ride home seems insurmountable after dinner in town. 

The owners had worked with the Antwerp-based interior designer on two previous occasions. On this commission in Ghent, however, Voorjans had free rein to take it a step further. The premises took on an authentic holiday atmosphere. The occupants immediately feel at ease when they alight in their temporary home. The flat offers all the conveniences of a luxury hotel, including a downtown location.

Photography: Tim Van de Velde | Text: Gert Voorjans & Thijs Demeulemeester