Atelier Hors Cat├ęgorie

Private Residence, Antwerp

Like a sculptor who lives and works among hundreds of moulds, mallets and chisels. Like a painter who always needs his brushes close at hand to capture the colourful images in his mind’s eye. Like a couturier who receives his clientèle surrounded by bolts of cloth. That’s how Gert Voorjans lives and works in Antwerp. His house is his studio, his workshop, his salon de réception. ‘Where a visual artist would use paint or bronze, I use furniture or decorative items. They are the eclectic palette at my disposal. They give me my drive. I have to have them around me. They inspire me to explore new directions, Or to experiment with shapes, materials or compositions,’ Voorjans says.

‘I see this as a temporary ensemble of anomalous objects and coup de coeurs. The composition is not as carefully constructed as in the interiors from my portfolio. This is more emotional and experimental. In this composite décor, not every detail has been considered in advance. That’s not necessary for me. If this space looks too perfect, too finished, I’m no longer motivated to keep reinventing myself. I want to keep being stimulated and challenged. I’m always open to the unusual.’

Photography: Tim Van de Velde | Text: Gert Voorjans & Thijs Demeulemeester