The World Of Interiors


Our work has been published in The World Of Interiors throughout the years.

Article 1
Best Of Both Worlds
'Based in a 19th-century mansion with an Art Deco shell, Gert Voorjans's Antwerp appartment is a suitably hybrid blend of styles antique and modern'. (June 2003)
Text by Ulrika Lundgren, Photography by Karel Fonteyne

Article 2
Stuff As Nonsense
'Linda Loppa and her husband, Dirk van den Eynden, don't believe in exhibiting their possessions'. (May 2007)
Text by Barbara Stoeltie, Photography by René Stoeltie

Article 3
Empire Building
'Nestled discreetly within the antique quarter of Paris's Left Bank, Dries van Noten's shop is the latest string to the Belgian fashion designer's bow'. (June 2007)
Text by James Sherwood, Photography by Jacques Dirand